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Welcome to First Edge Ltd, we engage the latest Base Metals, Precious Metals and All Oil Products. We have a competitive team of agents all around the world that is based with first edge’s services.


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We've put this commitment together so that you know exactly what you can expect from us. We genuinely care about the service you receive, so we wont  make promises that are of no value to any of our associates.

Our commitment is based on two of the long-term objectives that shape everything we do at First Edge, delivering a service that meets the needs of all our customers and delivering value. We will regularly keep our commitment to make sure we continue to meet, if not exceed, the needs of your demands.

Finally, we believe in being honest with you so we thought it would help if we highlighted some of the reasons which will give you the comfort you need to be with first edge.

Why do some applications take longer?

We aim to process all commodity applications correctly from when we receive them. However, is some of the applications we receive aren't completed correctly, or they don't include all of the necessary supporting documents. When this happens, we will inform the applicant that we need extra information or we will close their application.

Other things that could delay your application?

Some applications require additional checks. We still do our best to process these as quickly as possible, but they may take longer in some cases the applicant would be charged.


Examples of when this might happen include:

each client would need to pass our compliance before we put them direct to any of our principles

If you have a criminal record, in which case we will need to make sure that you meet our criteria.

If you are applying for an instrument and don't have pass record, your qualification could take longer. We will need to in-depth checks, were you would need to give us authority to check on your status, we also need to know if you have done business with the relevant awarding banking financial institutions to update our records.


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