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Our business depends on our commitment

At First Edge Ltd, our success is deeply rooted in our core values and the positive impact along with our associated companies, not to mention the communities of financial institutions were aligned with. Due Diligence, Driven Values are our promise to accelerate progress in these areas of strategic importance to continue delivering long-term, sustainable growth for all our partners and investors.

Personal values are at the core of First Edge. It’s who we are and who we have always been. As the Company continues its journey to create a brighter future, the collective vision of financial services sustainability around the world and our spirit of continued long-term projects will propel us forward.

Our commitment means we are measuring the emissions of our clients in key sectors of our financing portfolio (our “financed emissions”) and are setting reduction targets for these sector portfolios that are Paris-aligned. To start, we have developed intermediate Paris-aligned targets to reduce the carbon intensity in our Oil & Gas, Electric Power and Auto Manufacturing portfolios by 2030



Our Responsibly

In 2020 our founder's partners decided it was time to announce our commitment to align key sectors of our financing portfolio with the goals of a more strategic pace. Our commitment towards our other partner is an important step toward accelerating profitable areas in the financial industry by looking more at sustainable mineral and low-carbon energy transitions, and encouraging near-term actions that will set a path for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. By working directly with clients to develop and finance their transition strategies and goals, we will help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation and the energy transition, while also helping accelerate new technologies and business strategies.

We'll always comply with all the said laws of, regulations, standards, and codes of practice and are committed to the highest financial standards. We strive to report accurately, fairly, objectively, and independently, and recognize the importance of working with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are committed to providing our partners and institutions with the support and autonomy needed to fulfil these commitments.

If we become aware of a breach of data or information in our possession or a breach involving any of our associates that is in the possession of our office or business partner's information, we will take swift action to appropriately notify and protect those who are affected. We understand that our reputation and success depend on the trust with respect of our partners and the institution were involved with.





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