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Date 24 11 2022


Current Status and Overview of Regulations


With The Financial Conduct Authority


(Along with Agencies in reporting Fraud)



    Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Application in process    

Due to the COVID effect, we at First Edge have been reconstructing our company in line with the FCA Regulations. We're currently in discussion with FCA, who informed us that it will take up to 6 to 12 months for registration. If there are any concerns about us being registered, wed be more than happy to release our Reference Number.

      National Futures Association (NFA) Fully Registered      

First Edge has been Registered with NFA for over 9 years. NFA is the industrywide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry, providing innovative and effective regulatory programs. Designated by the CFTC as a registered futures association, NFA strives every day to safeguard the integrity of the derivatives markets, protect investors and ensure Members meet their regulatory responsibilities.

      Appointment to First Edge, by United Nations and International Royal Charities      
      More information can be obtained and reviewed by entering the FE Magazine Area      

Legal Representation can be provided upon request


Legal representation is essential in certain aspects of the commodity and financial industry, we can present full Legal Representation if needed to present our intention in making long-term contractual negotiations, our Legal partners also Offer a Wide Range of Legal Services such as visas and the formation of companies.

      Please note, that in providing project finance related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax and or other professional advisers, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend, that project finance applicants obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA),      



Fraud and Mischievous Activities


In keeping with the freedom of information and legitimate transactions, we're constantly monitoring Fraud and Mischievous Activities and any Misinterpretation of files presented to us, these files will be presented to the Regulatory Institution and Agencies above.

      First Edge conducts and present information within the (UK) Financial Services as a representative only      
      INTERPOL, FBI, CIA, IC3, US Treasury Dept., Fin Cen, SEC, Federal Reserve, CC Commercial Crime Services, RCMP, New Scotland Yard, City of London Fraud Squad, Crime Stoppers International as well as any Law Enforcement Agency in your area or country.      



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