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Our business depends on us

The action by appointment is to help us to have a clearer vetting procedure for anyone who wishes to contact us verbally through the likes of WhatsApp or other multi-platform messaging services, this is due to all the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce the revealing of personal security information.

Sadly, we do regrets the removal of our email contact box from all our websites, this decision was in response to where we've found so many organizations have been receiving many viruses, along with the stealing of email passwords through their cooperate private website areas, this is another reason why we've taken the action as appointment only to prevention us from any future harm.



New changes to our corporate email addresses

Information through emails and personal data is the pinnacle part of our company security, over the past 3 months, British Telecom has completed the work with our technical team in updating all our emails from any phishing vulnerabilities.

There have been no changes to all our existing clients or institutions with their emails to us.For Emergences our direct office line number is: (UK) +44 208 673 7444





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