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Our Security Measures

Due to New Security measures, we’ll no longer reveal who the new main principles of the first edge are, this is due to the sensitivity of who the principles are, and this will also stop all the unwarranted emails and correspondents being sent, If you have access to our Members area, you'll be able to see who the main principles of First Edge are, along with their full names and email addresses.

First Edge is a privately run independent company, we are constantly bringing high standards of services, and we also pride ourselves in offering friendly and personal service to all our clients.

Since opening our doors to main customers, we have grown into a leading commodity company specialising in most of today's financial and commodity products, also focusing on our customers' values in providing a professional service in delivering the final results.

Our specialist team of Ex-Bankers, Consultant Attorneys/Lawyers also principal partners, ensures a smooth and efficient service.


  Directors, Officers and Partners

Managing Director                                  Founder of First Edge Ltd

Company Director                                Head Trading European & Overseas

Director of Monetary/AU & Diamonds Europe & Overseas                                          

First Edge US                          Partnering Company

Director of Communication

Head of Compliance also Main        Support Negotiator

Company Financial Officer

Officer & Controller of Asia/Pacific Rim



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