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You have now gained access to our Confidential Database and Library Area, for security reasons your password will be automatically deleted each month, we've also removed the chat room system for the of purposes security. All entries is monitored an logged through British Telecom (UK) IMS Team.
Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what has been said. We always want to keep our contacts confidential, which means you can feel safe talking to us, knowing that our main priority is being honest and confidential

This members areas has been developed for principle buyers and sellers to check and review curtain Major Institutions and Banks good standing which is placed in our industry to engage with, the main library area has been designed to help review current offers and status of curtain companies. We also have large variety of listed companies indebt information on our members database area of direct Providers and Sellers Globally who stand as signatory , which is kept  on our main office server, accessible only to our compliance team and senior first edge staff. This data base is updated daily.

Our main objective is to stimulate principle buyers and sellers around the world and help to develop a safe and professional environment. Compliance and contractual review of new files is checked as much as possible by our team and other trusted individuals and colleagues also companies linked with our company. we hope this database is helpful to you in reviewing companies and securing the type of transaction your engaging with us.

We would also like to thank all the Banks and Institutions, also our Associated Partnering Groups of trusted Companies and Consultancy Agencies around the World in continuously feeding us with all the current day to day information in the commodity world.


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