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Welcome to First Edge Ltd, we engage the latest Base Metals, Precious Metals and All Oil Products. We have a competitive team of agents all around the world that is based with first edge’s services.


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We know The Business

 Crude Oil, D2, JP54, A1, Jet Fuel, AGO, Fuel Oil, Diesel

We will only deal direct with principles buyers because were direct




Our company has developed a direct relationship with most independent and major oil companies and refineries. We have a large database that is direct to online buyers and sellers around the world. Our system is designed to supply you or your company's needs with oil products on a long-term, or medium-term supply contract or spot shipments.

This is a Sample list of some of the products made from oil. Nearly everything in our lives is made from oil, made by machinery and systems dependent on oil, and transported by oil as either gas or diesel fuel.


1) D2 Spot Houston CIF - 450/430 - 1MMT to 3MMT
2) D2 Spot Rotterdam FOB - 450/430 -1MMT to 3MMT - 10 to 15% lift-able
3) D2 Contract Houston CIF - 450/430 250,000MT to 3MMT
4) D2 Contract Rotterdam FOB - 450/430 - 250,000MT to 3MMT - 10 to 15% lift-able
5) JP54 Spot Houston CIF - 62/58 - 2MB to 5MB
6) JP54 Spot Rotterdam FOB - 62/58 - 2MB to 5MB - 10 to 15% lift-able
7) JP54 Contract Houston CIF - 62/58 - 1MB to 5MB
8) JP54 Contract Rotterdam FOB - 62/58 - 1MB to 5MB - 10 to 15% lift-able
9) Mazut Contract CIF ASWP - 330/320 - 100,000 MT Minimum.

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