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Welcome to First Edge Ltd, we engage the latest Base Metals, Precious Metals and All Oil Products. We have a competitive team of agents all around the world that is based with first edge’s services.


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First Edge Ltd is a specialist frontier company, Designed to meet most requirements in today's global Commodity Market, for many years first edge has been known as a nonsense company, our compliance team is constantly adding new information to our specially designed main database to help review a vast amount of checks on current transactional an ongoing deals along with our Partners or institutions associated with our brand around the globe.

Our company is structured and managed by our in-house group of experienced professional's in Banking and Financial instruments, International Trade, Commodity Manufacturing, and Logistics as well as established links and in various countries across the globe. we additionally provide access to Institutional funding, and corporate exploration and other industry opportunities.

With today's growing need of various commodity trade, our main objective is to ensure our clients understand the power and resources behind us.

Every Institution who is a member of first edge's database has passed our compliance checks, by providing us with past performance along with credible reference's for us to check on, our present and past history is able to show why we are confidence to take full control to consult and negotiate for principle companies from the beginning to the end of most preliminarily negotiations in a pace that keeps all parties comfortable by our experience and professional manner.

Our global network portfolio provides a constant working relationship with industry leaders and governments.

The product’s we have available can range from fuel to gold and other major common commodities, In most cases we are officially direct or partners to companies around the world, as respect to our associated company we will only deal direct with principle Buyer's or Seller's.


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