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Welcome to First Edge Ltd, we engage the latest Base Metals, Precious Metals and All Oil Products. We have a competitive team of agents all around the world that is based with first edge’s services.


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We will only deal direct with principles





Monetary: PPI, Monetisation, Instruments, Euro, USD, BG, MTN MT103, L2L, Fed and Bluescreen also screen 2 screen

Our company has developed a direct relationship with most independent and major monetary clients. We have a large database that is direct to online buyers and sellers around the world. Our system is designed to supply you or your company's needs with most monetary instruments.

Currency deals available, we have Euro and Dollar providers ready, willing and able to carry out any size of currency transaction you have available.

Fed is where the used provider is the Federal Reserve bank of the USA. Bluescreen is the US Treasury acting as the USD provider

We are working closely with Euro Providers and Dollar Providers and are always looking for new providers for both currencies.

We prefer to work direct to the providers with no chain of brokers, this is the way real deals are closed out and concluded.

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